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Ring the Bell is a challenging physics based puzzle game.  Place different tiles onto the grid to change the path of the ball in order to ring the bell!  This demo contains 3 groups, containing 10 levels each.  Each new group introduces a new game mechanic.  The full game will have 10 groups, for a total of 100 levels. 

You can turn off sounds or reset your progress by clicking on the settings button on the start screen.

Click on the question mark to get information about the level, return to the main screen, or get hints.

If you have placed tiles on a level previously, but lost the level (i.e. the ball has gone off the screen), you can reload those previously placed tiles by pressing the "reload tiles" button (two arrows pointing at each other--takes the place of the "reload level" button in the middle-bottom of the screen).  This way if you believe you only have to move one or two tiles a little, you don't need to manually add back in all of your previous tiles.  

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